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At either the recreational or NCAA level, collegiate athletics plays an important role at most universities. It’s something for students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the public to rally around and provides a sense of community. At times, however, it can be hard to strike a balance on social media between promoting athletics and keeping the focus on student success in the classroom, faculty research, and other university initiatives.

Using the 2023 Georgia Game Changers campaign as an example, Jamie Lewis, senior social media manager at the University of Georgia, will provide a successful example of how her team partnered with UGA Athletics to leverage the success of the Georgia Bulldogs football team following back-to-back national championships to tell the story of 12 students who support the football ecosystem on Saturdays while excelling in the classroom and supporting the community during the week.

Attendees of this talk will leave with:

  • Tactics on how to collaborate with university athletics and leverage on-the-field success to highlight academics
  • Examples of ways to integrate athletic content into your institutional social media strategy
  • Innovative approaches to short-form video content that highlight student success and student experiences on the field and in the classroom

Jamie Lewis
Senior Social Media Manager
University of Georgia