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In recent months, Vanderbilt University has found itself at the center of national attention. From making headlines for our proactive response to the U.S. News & World Report scoring changes to being among the first universities in the nation to address student encampments and protests, Vanderbilt has been in the spotlight for various reasons. This session will explore how Vanderbilt has effectively leveraged social media to navigate these tumultuous times and reinforce and enhance the thought leadership of our Chancellor and Provost.

Join us to discover the strategic approaches Vanderbilt University employed to maintain a strong, positive presence amid challenges. We will delve into the specific social media strategies used to communicate our stance on national rankings, engage with student concerns, and uphold the university's reputation. This presentation will provide insights into how consistent, transparent, and thoughtful social media use can be a powerful tool for institutional leadership and crisis management.

Attendees will gain valuable lessons on:

  • Crafting compelling social media narratives during crises.
  • Engaging effectively with diverse university stakeholders through digital platforms.
  • Strengthening institutional leadership's public persona and influence in challenging times.

Learn from Vanderbilt University's recent experiences to enhance your own institution's social media strategy and leadership communication.


Sydney Jones-Wright
Associate Director of Executive Communications
Vanderbilt University

Jaclyn Antonacci
Director of Social Media
Vanderbilt University