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Robert Bochnak

Social Media Strategist
Harvard Business School Office of Alumni Relations

Robert Bochnak manages social media channels—Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram—for the Harvard Business School’s (HBS) alumni office and since January 2013 has helped the school generate more than 200,000 alumni interactions via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Robert writes about social media and higher education at and is the former writer and editor of “GradMatters,” the Blog for the Tufts University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Robert holds a Master of Arts degree from the Tufts University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Robert Bochnak’s Session(s):

Event Coverage in A Virtual World

With the loss of in-person events, there has been a significant increase in virtual programming. This presents a challenge to social media professionals who aim to generate audience engagement during these annual events. In my presentation, I will share how I've covered these events in real-time, how video has been an essential part of this work, and how I've managed to develop a new model for this work which much different from what I do for live, in-person events.

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