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How I Rebranded My 50 Year Old College

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Branding is important. Aside from a name, a logo, color scheme, and language are the most identifiable assets that an institution has in order for people to know who this entity is, or what they represent. You see it all the time: businesses, people, products, the list goes on. And educational bodies aren’t exempt from this, either.

But sometimes, there may be an instance in which the current brand image may not communicate the message that the institution is trying to portray. Or perhaps, it’s just dated and needs to evolve to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. Universities and colleges, in particular, have been known to rebrand – some successfully, others – not so much.

In this session, Chris will walk you through the steps he used to get leadership, athletics, and everyone impacted onboard, as well as the rebranding redesign process itself.

Takeaways include:

  1. How to get everyone on board with a rebrand
  2. The best process for redesign and a roll-out
  3. Where to look to avoid the pitfalls in the rebranding process


Chris Mefford
VP Marketing
San Diego Christian College

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