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Breaking Down Silos Within Your Institution - Working Together and Empowering Your Team to Develop New Approaches and Align KPIs Across Department Teams

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Social media is becoming part of many staff roles within higher ed. This presents a variety of challenges for higher education social media managers as those managing social media accounts at colleges and universities are a mixture of novice, intermediate, and advanced users. Additionally, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends interact with social media in different ways and every college major interacts with social media in unique ways. In order to overcome these challenges, social media teams need to work together and be "social" behind the scenes.

Within Penn State's College of Health and Human Development, we’ve worked to break down department silos and develop ways to learn from each other. Together we've helped novice users become more familiar with social media and helped the experts look at things in a different light. This allowed our team to feel empowered and develop their own approaches to social media and spearhead various initiatives.

This presentation will describe how we moved from 10 independent social channels to one social enterprise working together to achieve the same goal. We'll highlight an Instagram takeover focused on undergraduates and strategies to reach alumni, specifically those graduates of the last decade. At the conclusion of our presentation, we'll provide a virtual toolkit for attendees where you can replicate or borrow any of our strategies, tools, templates, and more.


Lori Coup
Communications and Marketing Coordinator for College of Health and Human Development
Penn State

Jessica Vallejo
Marketing Communications Specialist, Health Policy and Administration
Penn State

Rob Peeler
Assistant Director, Engagement, College of Health and Human Development
Penn State University

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