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Maximizing Digital Content to Engage International Students a Rapidly Changing Landscape

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In this session, we will first discuss the current state of international student recruitment and how your university can handle challenging communications. The world is an ever-evolving place, especially the current state of higher education. I'll talk about ways to assuage student and parent concerns while maintaining your brand voice.

To do so, I will discuss the importance of creating effective campaigns by utilizing storytelling. This will help your institution get ahead of the negative news and position your brand in a positive light, all while increasing connections with students.  

After this session, attendees should be able to: 

  • Address current international student issues.
  • Increase your connections with potential international students.
  • Create campaigns the put a positive spin on current events.
  • Connect with students on a human level, utilizing and amplifying student stories.


Katie Stasa
Social Media and Communications Specialist
Institute of International Education, EducationUSA

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