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Chantell Cosner

Marketing & Brand Manager
Gonzaga University

Chantell Cosner is the Marketing and Brand Manager for Gonzaga University School of Law. She leads a small but mighty in-house team in meeting the marketing and communications needs of admissions, development, and internal stakeholder audiences. With over ten years of experience in the higher education and nonprofit sectors, Cosner facilitates ethical, relationship-driven, and integrated marketing and communications strategies that help organizations and their audiences build trust and long-term mutual respect. 

Cosner is a doctoral student at Gonzaga University, where she researches the connection between leadership, communication, ethics, and team formation with a particular focus on these components within digital spaces. She holds an M.A. in strategic communication from Washington State University and is a member of the American Marketing Association.  

Chantell Cosner’s Session(s):

The Six Fundamentals of Developing Impactful Creative Teams

As in-house marketing, communications, and social media functions become increasingly ubiquitous in higher education, the size of these creative teams continues to grow. With the rapid evolution brought on by COVID-19 and quickly shifting technical needs, these teams need to be functioning at a high level to produce their best work.

With our unique silos, limited budgets, and specialized goals, building a creative or technical team in higher education looks different than it might in a corporate setting. However, the benefits of investing time in team development are innumerable. Drawing on the wisdom of Patrick Lencioni, Seth Godin, Todd Henry, Simon Sinek, and others, this presentation helps participants define a philosophy for building and supporting their creative teams within a higher education framework.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • How to build trust and connection within their team
  • How to facilitate a conversation around shared values
  • How to create an environment where their team can thrive
  • How to best lead their team to success

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