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What We Learned About Effective Public Health Messaging During the Pandemic

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Maintaining a consistent plan for public health information is an important part of any university communication strategy. The stakes are exponentially higher during a global health pandemic. Understanding the needs and potential risks for your community, keeping abreast of ever-changing federal, state, and local guidelines and requirements, sharing testing and vaccination protocols, and providing crucial mental health and stress management resources to students and staff during a time of escalating uncertainly requires dedicated teamwork and flexibility.

This session will focus on strategies for sharing accurate and timely public health information with a diverse and far-flung community during an unprecedented health crisis.

  • Providing accurate, timely, evidence-based healthcare information
  • Working with your network to meet the needs of your diverse community
  • Countering misinformation and skepticism
  • Prioritizing mental health and stress management resources for an increasingly anxious and grieving community


Ann Adelsberger
Digital Media Producer and Videographer
MIT Medical

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