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Amber McCullough-Sanden

Director of Analytics & Insights
AT&T Corporate Communications

Amber is the director communications research, digital analytics, and the AT&T Corporate Communications Social Intelligence Team.  Prior to developing the Social Intelligence Team in 2016, Amber has served the AT&T customer and employee community nearly 16 years in a variety of roles and has made a name for herself as an “Ambassador to the Nerdery,” effortlessly bridging the communication complications between the technical engineers/analyst community to the business units, execs and C-Suites needing complex solutions to very real business problems.  She excels and is valued for her ability to distil complicated information and concepts into relatable conversation to ensure understanding at all levels.  Amber resides in San Diego as a proud active-duty Navy spouse, finds something to laugh and worry about in almost anything, believes there’s something to learn wherever you look, and is passionate about honoring authenticity in all aspects.

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