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Rachel DeLetto

Associate Director, Social Media
UC Berkeley School of Law

Rachel has been running the social media at Berkeley Law for nearly seven years, growing the law school’s channels from near-inception into a vibrant voice and vehicle for her team’s communications strategy. After earning an undergraduate degree in journalism and being a Juris doctor, Rachel found an ideal hybrid career in law school communications. She is passionate about authentic storytelling, great visuals, and using multimedia approaches to communicate sometimes complex ideas. To detox from the often heavy world of law news, Rachel enjoys camping with her family, paddleboarding, and finding inspiration on TikTok (way too late into the night). 

Rachel DeLetto’s Session(s):

Social Media for Graduate and Professional Programs

When it comes to social media for higher education, the initial audience that comes to mind tends to be Gen Z and undergraduates. However, most four-year schools offer graduate and doctoral level programs, and many also are home to professional schools, like law, business, engineering, computer sciences, medicine, etc. These are often important revenue-generating programs for universities. This session will explore how we can use social media for graduate and professional populations. 

Takeaways will include: 

  • An overview of the graduate and professional audience/demographic 
  • Considerations when developing marketing/strategic goals for the graduate population 
  • Case studies and examples for content generation
  • Identifying which social media metrics are helpful to track

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