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The Unofficial Guide to Higher Ed Social Media: Those Tips and Tricks You Can’t Google

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A quick Google search will tell you how to get more followers, how to create engaging content, and how many times a day you should post to TikTok, but the feasibility of this advice is dependent on resources, org structures, and more. Not to mention that some of this advice doesn’t work or isn’t appropriate in the higher ed space - looking at you, Wendy’s community management strategy, and audio that gets taken off content. 

The Unofficial Guide to Higher Ed Social Media will share the intentional ways that teams of 2 or 25 can strengthen their social media presence. From analytics to emojis and, yes, you may even hear the word TikTok, this session will cover the breadth of social media need-to-knows because some things can’t be Googled.

Using tried and analyzed practices from the UNC Charlotte social media team, participants will leave this session knowing:

  • Why engagement rate is the superior metric
  • What it really means to design for mobile
  • What “best practices” on social aren’t best practices anymore
  • Why is community management more than just answering questions
  • The small things that can make a big impact on their day-to-day


Moriah Walker
Social Media Manager
UNC Charlotte

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