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Whitney Duenas

Marketing Strategist
Ferguson Enterprises

Ferguson is the largest U.S. plumbing distributor with 1,400+ showrooms featuring plumbing, lighting and appliances. As a marketing strategist, I play a key role in helping the Owned Media Team execute marketing strategies with a focus on social media programs, influencer marketing, optimizing paid media campaigns, and creating brand awareness to drive new traffic and customer acquisition growth. I work with a team of social media specialists focused on content production, community management, paid social media, reporting, and benchmarking. Outside of our immediate team, I maintain relationships with service providers and agencies, as well as provide scalable marketing strategy support for all Ferguson Customer Groups.

I have proven time and time again not only the ability to drive myself to greatness, but to push those around me to become great— even through adversity. The resilience gained through a car accident that nearly took my life and a lupus diagnosis is proof that I have incredible perseverance even through the darkest of times. By witnessing the marketing industry shift within the last four years, it will be exciting to see what the next four years will hold. My sense of business marketing and passion for other people, combine in to a perfect marriage of work and philanthropy that I am proud to be a part of— a pride that is shared by so many.

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