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Wednesday, August 12, 2020    2:20 pm–3:00 pm

What You Should Know About Brand Safety and Alignment before Launching Your Influencer Campaign

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Panel topics include:

  • Influencer Selection, Vetting, and Content Review: Best Practices
  • Identifying and Fostering Authentic, Ongoing Alignment Between Brands and Influencers
  • Contractual Must-Haves: Revisions, Morals Clauses, etc.
  • The Best of Both Worlds: Integrating Brand Messaging with an Influencer's Unique Style and Voice
  • Getting on the Same Page: Individual Influencer Kick-Off Calls and Personalized Campaign Briefs
  • Preparing for the Worst: Establishing Pre-Approved Alternates. 

Nicole Emerick
VP, Director of Social and Influencer Marketing
FCB Chicago


Erin Person
Business Affairs Lead

Peyton Dougherty
Chief Operating Officer

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