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Day 3 Programs

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Main Stage Sessions

9:00 am–9:40 am

Panel: How Brands and Creators Can Be Tapping into Emerging Channels for Their Influencer Marketing Campaign

Ciara Ungar
Senior Director of Marketing
Tuck Ross
SVP, Consumer Products and Marketing
Juan De Anda
Social Media Content Manager

More than 90% of Millennials are active users on social media with an estimated buying power of $65 billion (Nielsen) and GenZ has eclipsed this with an estimated $100 billion buying power. There is a lot of chatter about emerging social media channels and where brands and curators should make their investments in 2020 and beyond to tap into these key audiences that have a tremendous impact on the future of our economy. With an increased focus on community, privacy, snackable and video content and authentic experiences, hear how brands and creators are thinking outside the box to get the most impact.

9:00 a.m–9:40 am

Keynote: #ValuableVoices: The Evolution of Influence

Kerrie Smith
Content Strategy Lead

Influencer marketing has been widely debated - one week it’s dying a slow death, the next, it’s the answer to every marketer’s problems. The fact is, it’s here to stay. Consumers are particular about how they let in advertising into their daily lives, and influencer marketing is widely accepted. On most social media platforms, influencers are known for producing visual eye candy, but on Twitter, they’re recognized for their voice. This key difference creates an opportunity to more authentically deliver a message on behalf of a brand. 

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How top brands are partnering with influencers on Twitter to stand out in unexpected ways 
  • The simple, creative principles that will help you drive conversation

9:50 am–10:30 am

Panel: Best Practices in Campaign Management and Creative Strategy

Justin Hawkins
Senior Director of Brand Activation
Sarah Pennington
Brand Manager
Samantha Howe
VP Content & Community

Get the latest advice on creating and executing a best-in-class influencer marketing campaign strategy, from first steps to tips for long-lasting success. In this panel, brands and agencies will learn the importance of a great content angle and providing the right kind of influencer direction that still leaves room for personal style and creativity. With examples of how best to integrate influencer marketing into an overall brand plan and takeaways for designing a campaign brief and prioritizing QA, influencer experts and amateurs alike will learn valuable skills for bringing their next campaign to life.

9:50 a.m–10:30 am

Keynote: Changing How We Change: Digital Transformation for Social Media Success

Caleb Gardner
Managing Partner

Social media success depends not just on great social media strategy and execution, but on adapting your entire organization to be able to take advantage of new opportunities in technology and communications. Digital transformation is a team sport, and everyone needs to be in the game. Using case studies from his career in strategy and innovation consulting -- and especially examples from his experience running successful digital teams at the highest levels -- Caleb Gardner will talk about how to plan not just for implementing a new strategy, but for realizing a shared vision of the future.

2:20 pm–3:00 pm

How Live Streaming & Gaming Has Cultivated the Next Generation of Influencers

Brendan Gahan
Chief Social Officer

According to a recent study*, live streaming grew 12% in December 2019 vs the previous year. And with over 660 billion minutes of Twitch streams watched in 2019, a new breed of influencer has emerged with both the technical skill for gaming and the ability to cultivate a highly engaged community. The top gamers have become even more valuable than traditional influencers, as Twitch competitors like Mixer, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming are gaining market share by bringing influencers to their platforms. But even beyond gaming, live streaming has spilled over into other categories including music and cooking platforms, which opens up live streaming to even more audiences with unique passions and creates more whitespaces for marketers and brands.

Learn from Mekanism’s Partner and Chief Social Officer Brendan Gahan on how brands can leverage the growing focus on streaming as part of their larger social strategies, and why they’ll need to lean into fear for the largest ROI.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to be on the forefront of emerging social trends & platforms
  • Why leaning into fear and taking a big risk on an emerging platform can reap bigger rewards
  • What can we learn about non-traditional influencer campaigns

Influencer Marketing Track

11:00 am–11:40 am

Panel: An Inside Look at How Brands Are Building Out Influencer Marketing Teams In-House

Kristy Sammis
Founder, CLEVER
Katie Bihl
Sr. Manager of Influencer Marketing & PR

11:50 am–12:30 pm

Session: Measuring the Impact and Performance of Your Influencer Programs

Joel Beckett
Chief Executive Officer

In this session, you will learn how to measure the true value of your influencer marketing campaigns and then scale them impactfully. With more than 10 years of experience working with brands in the space, The Outloud Group has been able to determine the key obstacles that keep brands from success with influencers: traditional attribution models, and measurement. Using examples of successful and impactful campaigns The Outloud Group ran with brands including Grubhub, Wix, and SimpliSafe, the agency will guide you through a new model that will revolutionize your marketing mix, and reveal value that you can confidently measure and adjust for. Every brand deserves to understand its potential to scale, and this session will give you the tools to do so immediately.

Key takeaways include:

  • The major barriers to influencer marketing and best practices for influencer success
  • How to effectively measure your influencer marketing efforts across all channels
  • Predictions for the future of influencer measurement

Program C: Paid Media Strategies

11:00 am–11:40 am

Move Beyond Vanity Metrics: How To Get Real Results With YouTube Ads

Tom Leonard
Director of Video Strategy

Online advertising is incomplete without tapping into the second largest search engine that boasts 2+ billion monthly active users. In the last few years, YouTube has evolved from a “should-probably-be-there” channel to a “need-to-be-there” channel that advertisers can't ignore. Tom Leonard, 3Q Digital’s Director of Video Strategy, will explain what you need to know about getting started on and getting the most out of YouTube advertising. He’ll cover creative best practices, the newest YouTube features, and how to analyze the right metrics. This session will help participants plan, launch, optimize, and evaluate campaigns, all while using case studies to bring everything to life.

11:50 am–12:30 pm

Using Audience Segmentation Strategies to Drive Better Marketing Campaigns

Sara Zaccaro
Global Paid Social Strategy Lead

In today’s fast-paced social media landscape reaching your audience at the right time with the right message is both a science and an art. Brands have a wealth of tools and resources available at no additional cost that can help with appropriate audience segmentation across all social platforms.

This session will explore an audience-first action plan for social media: how to best look at your audience, where to find them, and how to segment them. Attendees will be given a high-level overview of how to leverage the audience tools available on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and how to get started with an audience map.

Attendees will walk out with:

  • A thoughtful process for determining the best social audience segmentation for their brand on social.
  • Insights into audiences: How specific is too specific? How brands can broadly target specific audiences. How to measure the effectiveness of segmentation.
  • Guidance on how paid and organic social work together to keep audiences engaged.

1:30 pm–2:10 pm

Blending Organic Content and Advertising for Better Performance and Engagement

Andy Pondillo
Social Media Supervisor

In a paid era of social media, many advertisers are positioning huge budgets into ads. From brand awareness to clicks to conversions, the advancement of our industry has blown up faster than we can blink. With that, sometimes advertisers are losing the social media flair in favor of bigger productions. But what if we combined hard advertising with classic social media experiences?

 This presentation is designed to teach users how to drive a narrative to their audience through classic storytelling methods reimagined for a social media landscape. I want you to not only learn how to gain an interested party, but how to engage them over a personalized journey on your page.

Takeaways include:

  • How a well-written copy and creative can create long-form conversions.
  • Explaining how a complete story can be told on social media in less than five seconds.
  • Using storytelling methods that keep a user intrigued during the paid social media revolution.
  • How to minimize your costs when building a successful plan and why it matters.

Program D: Brand Engagement and Audience Growth

11:00 am–11:40 am

Build and Run a Successful B2B Community

David Berkowitz

How do you build and run a successful B2B community? It's often daunting to start one, whether you aim to have 100 members or 100,000. Learn about the different platforms you can use, including the advantages and pitfalls of each one. Get perspectives from several people who built their own - and perspectives on why some have struggled. Explore different monetization models spanning free and paid communities. Find out what approaches are most effective in driving growth and engagement so you can build a community that thrives and lasts.

11:50 am–12:30 pm

Leveraging Dark Social: How Can Brands Get Invited to the Conversation?

Did you know that 80% of your internet traffic Isn’t being tracked?

There's been a shift in how we as consumers are showing up online. We want community on their own terms. 

In 2019, experts like Mark Zuckerburg & Gary Vaynerchuk believed the future of social to be moving towards private, and with an 80% link to brand conversations happening in private forums, this isn’t a trend that shows signs of slowing down. As brands, many are already seeing the impact!  

 With organic engagement reaching a low .09% average in 2019, how can one ensure their message is being seen, but more importantly, heard, using digital media without the constant pay-to-play model? 

In an age of digital content saturation, we're finding ourselves pushing to move our brands to the top of a sea of samesies.

Dark Social can be used for good to capture attention, amplify our message, and keep our audience coming back for more. Your brand can become a destination that attracts the right leads to your message without the constant need to spend more money on ads.

In this fast-paced, example-filled session we’ll learn:

  • How to get invited to the Dark Social conversations
  • Best practices to turn your followers into true fans, your clients into advocates, and your community into collaborators without an ad budget.
  • The art of capturing attention organically and the flywheel formula and tools it takes to keep it
  • How to activate conversation so your message is the "stand out" brand amongst the sea of samesies

1:30 pm–2:10 pm

How Overthinking Your Content Strategy is Killing Your Brand on Digital

Jason Burns
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager

You spend hours planning, writing and crafting the perfect pieces of content with the hope that at least one will reach out and touch people enough to have them flock to your brand and follow your social channels, making you the next social media rock star (or at the very least, get you some kudos and a coffee from your boss). If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

In this session discover five methods that can help break you out of that pattern and recharge your creative juices, while offering ideas on how to change your approach and bring more fun to your personal and professional world!

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