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Closing keynote: A future look at social media - How to plan for the trends that matter

The way forward is ever perilous, ponderous and peppered with possibility. Despite change, we must continue to find ways to market in environments we don't control -- to people unaccustomed to brand loyalty.

If you're vigilant and versatile, you will find the future less intimidating. If you stick to what you know, you may lose your way and get eaten by wolves. Nothing is future-proof, but you can be future-prepped.

You’ll leave with tips on how to:

  • Experiment and not let the ensuing explosions disturb your colleagues

  • Evaluate (and discard) social media expertise that's no longer useful

  • Manage your brittle ego for the benefit of your brand

  • Sniff the wind for hints of what's coming next

Ef Rodriguez

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