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Case Study: Social as Horizontal, not Vertical

At the large organizations at which I worked, and/or collaborated with - social was placed in an existing department. That department often treated social as one component of their ever-evolving deliverables. "We used to post a press release to the wire, now we must tweet it out (via a link) - or recap the highlights in a series of posts on LinkedIn, our company Facebook page...etc" -- or "Let's use this :30 spot on Instagram". There are many other examples of, in my opinion, companies' flawed thinking about what social is and how it fits into the business... and how, specifically it helps achieve business goals.

My contention is this: SOCIAL IS A HORIZONTAL, not a vertical. Similar to how Finance cuts across almost every department and Legal services all facets of the company, so too should social. I used to say that I ran the "conversations dept at BET". Conversations happen everywhere, for all types of reasons, and affect the business in different ways. 

I have much more to say on this topic, and I hope you'll attend my session so we can discuss it together. 

JP Lespinasse
CÜR Music

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