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Closing keynote: Is Social Media Dead, Or Just Wearing New Clothes?

Social media is dead. Isn’t that what everyone is saying these days? It was a temporary fad, as passing fancy. It has no real lasting social or commercial impact. You can hear the murmurs growing. The end is near. We told you so. Don’t waste your time. Right? Except that, despite the naysayers social media endures. It’s as prominent in our lives now as ever. So, why is that? Have we changed, or has it?

• Introduction

  • Social Media is dead!
  • Says who?

• The evolution of social media

  • AOL is dead! Or, is it?
  • Community is king (or it that Commerce, or Content, or Context, or Collaboration?)
  • The Walled Garden Crumbles – Social Media 2.0

• The return of the Social Nets

  • The Facebook - Facebook
  • Twittr - Twitter
  • Flickr - Instagram

• What lies ahead

  • From “Toast” to Tiananmen Square
  • Everyone’s a journalist; Everyone’s a Paparazzo; Everyone’s a Tarrantino
  • Snapchat; Periscope, Parlio, This. Et al

• Social media’s lasting impact

  • Social media is dead; Long Live Social Media!

• Q&A

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding the evolution of social media as a new media form
  • Realizing the growing impact of social media on culture and politics
  • How social media has impacted businesses large and small
  • Social media as the ultimate social disruptor

Ron Casalotti

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