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San Francisco 2015

Five ways to connect with top decision makers through social media marketing

B2B sales and marketing teams find it hard to reach high-level business decision makers like CXOs via social media. You're not playing a mass market numbers game here; you're trying to connect with a small number of specific people who are very focused and extremely busy.

Social media is still a good way to reach them, however, if you use:

  • Event-centered social networks.When you provide an emotionally rewarding social media experience to accompany an event you are hosting you can ignite a lively community of hard-to-reach customers. I’ll show you how.
  • Peer-to-peer programs.Peer-to-peer programs leverage the ever-growing industry connections of a company's internal subject matter experts to attract requests for assistance (leads) from potential customers. I’ll give you a template.
  • Social selling.Sales people can target specific companies, and decision makers within those companies, by using social media to build their personal brand, research and approach prospects, and get acquainted. I’ll outline the process.
  • Third party content.The opinions of people who only talk about themselves, like a TV channel that only runs commercials, lack credibility. You must also share 3rd party content via social media. I’ll tell you how to find and distribute it.
  • Paid social promotion. With the right content, audience targeting specifications, calls to action, measurement, and tracking, paid social promotion can be startlingly effective for reaching niche audiences. I’ll show you what works.


Bruce Wilson
Trapit, Inc.

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