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Increasing loyalty through more personalized social media

The rise of Social Media and the constant influx of new apps give marketers ever more ways to connect with customers and prospects. In addition, sophisticated CRM and social media automation services create purely digital interactions that can result in an impersonal exchange. Tech has become so sophisticated that consumers are often left to wonder if there’s any human behind the interaction at all.

Zipcar’s Social Media team works to put the human back into the social of Social Media. Zipcar leverages the many Social Media platforms as a gateway to engage more deeply with its members – using online tools to connect with members offline in the “real world.”

Carrie will tell stories of online interactions taken offline (the member who received flowers after tweeting about her dog’s death, or the various treats people find inside their Zipcar), present some of Zipcar’s key Social Media strategies (targeted twitter handles that make content more relevant) and discuss the importance of deepening relationships with members through social media (like proposing to your member’s girlfriend for him). Zipcar’s commitment to surprising and delighting its members has resulted in high scores in loyalty and brand identification.

Zipcar’s use of digital social media is an evolution of its traditional commitment to member engagement. In Zipcar’s early days, before there was Social Media, there was just social – Zipcar routinely brought together members in social gatherings such as pubs, coffee houses and volunteer projects. 

Today as the membership has grown to nearly 1 million members Zipcar continues to bring members together through both online and real world engagements. Carries presentation will show how marketers can develop best practices around integrating social media with an overall member/customer engagement strategy that results in increased acquisition and retention, as well as stronger loyalty.


Carrie Allen

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