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GSMI's Social Media Strategies Summit - New York had the most Twitter activity in #SMSSummit history! With a packed house at the McGraw-Hill conference center located on 6th Street and giveaways galore, attendees were on the recipient side of Twitter motivation.

Here is a little recap of the event...

Day one kicked off with great workshops and presentations from Glenn Selig of PR News Channel, Jeff Gibbard of True Voice Media, and PR guru Brendon Shank. The keynote was Kaelin Zawilinski from Better Homes and Gardens and Richard Jones from EngageSciences.

After a lunch break, the afternoon picked up with two tracks for attendees - Business to Business and Business to Consumer.

On the B2B side Marcus Nelson from Addvocate, Samantha Arabolu from Digitas Health, and Myles Bristowe from CommCreative presented. On the B2C side Lizzie Roscoe from McDonald’s Corporate, Jon Bird from American Airlines and Callan Green from Sony presented their social media strategies.

Day two followed up with great presentations and kicked out with keynote speakers Maya Grinberg from Wildfire, a division of Google, and Peter Shankman, who giveaway his latest book for a lucky twitter peep. The rest of the morning featured the same two tracks - B2B and B2C. On the B2B side Kevin Espinosa from Caterpillar and Kate Legge  from Griesing Law, LLC presented, with Sarah Klenakis from Modcloth and Corina Roy along with Kathleen Mayko presented from MassMutual on the B2C side.

The afternoon continued the tracks with presentations from Graeme Noseworthy of IBM, Michael Brenner of SAP, Patricia Graca of HP, Vyque White of USO, Danny Maloney of PinLeague, and Rebecca Corliss of Hubspot.

The last two keynotes were Frank Eliason of Citi, and the grand finale closing keynote was Jay Curley, the Marketing Manager of Ben and Jerry’s Homemade, Inc, discussing, "Creating a Presence and Leveraging Engagement Using Instagram" ...and yes, he brought ice cream coupons.

While keeping a pulse on our socially-engaged audience and #SMSSummit hashtag through the duration of the two-day summit, we noticed that this summit was the most socially engaged via Twitter and Instagram. We created this awesome hashtag graphic to show our excellent audience activity!

To sum it up...
  • A total of 9,755 tweets went out during the two day summit
  • Of that, 2,234 were original tweets, while 7,026 were retweets
  • There were 6,447 tweets with other hashtags, 6,123 tweets with links and 6,219 total contributors
  • Top hashtags were #NYC at 86, #SocialMedia at 86, #Pinterest at 25, #SocialSupport at 13, #Bigdata 11, and #MoreJT at 11.
  • GSMI (@gsmionline) had 518 mentions and 74 retweets
  • Speakers Peter Shankman (@petershankman) had 462 mentions and Frank Eliason (@Frankeliason) had 236 mentions
  • Attendees with the most tweets were @kqmcdonnell with 264, @organicrunmom with 257, @jlcreque with 246, and @lizgross144 with 154
Thanks to all of our attendees for coming and for such great social media activity! GSMI looks forward to seeing you at the next #SMSsummit.

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