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Writing an effective and scalable social media policy to ensure consistent brand messaging across channels

This training session will explore the glamorous and captivating world of social media policy development. There's a certain mystique attached to this process that everyone on campus will want to know about. Just'll leave this session and immediately head back to work to rewrite your school's social policy and the campus will be buzzing about you. By the time you are done, you'll receive tweets and snaps captioned: "That was the best 47-page document I ever read!" and "Who knew that I was allowed to be proactive on social in my department!"

Seriously though, it's policy development and no one likes that, let alone the people who have to live by it! The phrase, "You can't please everyone," comes to mind. However, every institution has to have something on record that guides their social rules of engagement. Brian will walk you through how SJC updated an 8-year old set of guidelines (one-page) into a positive and proactive set of social rules of engagement.

We'll look to see that for every "don't" in a policy, is there a "do". Have you thought about content development and messaging, brand management, promotions and contests, account takeovers, crisis scenarios, account creation, commenting guidelines and even how your upper administration should use social? How do you get campus buy-in? What about enforcement, violations, updates? Join us to learn about these policy topics and more.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to critically examine what topics are necessary in a campus social media policy.
  • Resources for writing an institution's social media policy will be analyzed and shared including a checklist of the topics that must be included.
  • Attendees will leave the session having analyzed and rewritten the social media policy for a fictitious university.

Brian Wasson
St. Joseph’s College New York

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