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Starting From Scratch: Fighting for the Future of Marketing

How do you balance the belief that marketing can and should be held responsible for contributing to the bottom line of a business with the desire to do work that people don't flat out hate? How do we create a generation of marketers willing to fight for the consumer instead of cramming our work into their face? This session seeks to confront the nature of marketing and prove that changing our habits to be more consumer-focused has a positive impact on our results and, more importantly, the future of what we do.

This past December, I joined a recently acquired startup that had never launched a marketing campaign before. Up to that point, they'd never hired a marketer. I viewed the opportunity as a clean slate to test a belief that drawing a line in the sand is actually a better marketing strategy than following many of marketing's "best practices". I believe these efforts could swing the pendulum of social marketing back towards fighting for the sake of the consumer. This generation could be the one to stand up and say, even with the tools we have, people still matter. And that generation will be revered for turning around the degradation of engagement we find ourselves in today.

Key takeaways:

  • Our performance goals as marketers should be centered around the people we're marketing to instead of KPIs that embrace mass failure.
  • Think about the marketing you hate. The people you're marketing to hate it, as well. Some tactics naturally interrupt. How can we either rethink those tactics or drop them from our strategies while still seeing results?
  • We have the opportunity of a lifetime. If we stand up for people, people will respond.

Matt McAllister
Loop Commerce

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