Joyce Sullivan

Social Media Specialist for Regulated Industries Founder & CEO

SocMediaFin, Inc.

Joyce Sullivan is the Founder and CEO of SocMediaFin, Inc., a social media consultancy that provides leadership training for financial services, non-profit organizations, and specialty firms. Her firm provides social media strategy and policy development, social media program development and management, as well as training and talent development programs. Joyce is an Adjunct Professor of Social Media and Communications at Baruch College in the School of Public Affairs. Previously, she served as VP, Professional Services at Socialware. In this role, she led a professional services team that offered social business strategy, consulting and practice management for enterprise clients and financial institutions. She was Chief Digital Strategist and an Advisory Board Member for the Financial Women's Association and has spoken at numerous industry conferences and events on the topic of global financial services and social media challenges. Joyce is a former VP at Credit Suisse and J.P.Morgan, where she worked on strategic change in Investment Banking Prime Services and Global Securities Services front and middle office projects and client initiatives. She has been awarded the Financial Women's Association Social Media Leader Award (2013) and was recognized by the New York Women's Agenda as a Galaxy Award Honoree (2012).