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Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 - 10:15AM - 10:55AM

How influencers and content can build a brand worth billions

In a world where the average customer grows up seeing 170,000 marketing messages by their 17th birthday; where 86% of people admit to sharing social media content in the bathroom; where 20% of smartphone users have installed adblocking browsers because of their loathing of advertising; customers only talk about the brands they LOVE. And, if customers aren't talking about your brand, you might as well not exist.

Fans don't just "like" these brands, they love them and help build them. And the good news is that it's neither expensive or exclusive to cool, cutting-edge brands. Brand Love is achievable to all brands. Whether you're a bank, an airline or selling drinks.

During the session Jamal will discuss:

  • What is Brand Love?
  • Why do some brands have it while others are just "liked”?
  • How can you replicate their success formula to create your own marketing team of millions?
  • Case studies include Red Bull, Monster Energy, Xiaomi, Castrol, PepsiCo & EE Mobile.

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Jamal Benmiloud
Former VP of Marketing
Monster Energy

About your Presenter

Jamal Benmiloud is one of the world’s leading creative consultants. Having previously led the marketing teams at Monster Energy and Red Bull, Jamal was pivotal in developing revolutionary and unique approaches to marketing, enabling both brands to win true fans.

Jamal then went on to co-write Brand Love: How To Build A Brand Worth Talking About and work for a host of global brands, helping them to successfully build fanatical followings of their own using his marketing philosophy. With a true understanding of marketing and knowledge of a diverse and successful marketing approach, Jamal can turn consumers into brand advocates and essentially create a marketing team of millions.

Over the last few years Jamal has become a top rated keynote speaker at marketing, digital and technology events around the world. Jamal provides impactful and insightful presentations, with a combination of case studies from the most innovative businesses and his own experiences from working in the industry for over a decade. Example case studies include Red Bull, Monster Energy, Lego, Xiaomi, Castrol, and EE.


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