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Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 - 11:05AM - 11:45AM

5 hot trends in digital marketing and how they impact you

Digital marketing is evolving rapidly marketers must stay ahead of the many trends.

From developing optimized email marketing campaigns with new tools and templates to using customers’ data to predict their next transactions, marketers are overwhelmed with the technologies they need to master in order to do their jobs successfully.

Pam Didner deeply understands challenges faced by modern marketers. With more than 20 years of corporate and consulting experience, she’s agile and stays on the top of today’s technologies. She has the uncanny ability to synthesize complicated ideas into a simple framework your audience can understand, take back to the office and implement right away.In this speaking session, Pam will share five current trends that are relevant to your audience. She’ll identify the key actionable tasks the audience should apply as well as creative ideas to make your marketing budget go the extra mile.

In this session, the audience will:

  • Articulate how new technology trends impact the marketing landscape
  • Connect the dots between the trends and their jobsIdentify key actionable topics to drive discussion with their teams
  • Draw ideas from case studies and best practices
  • Have fun while learning something new

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Pam Didner
Global Content Marketing Strategist

About your Presenter

Pam Didner, selected as one of BtoB’s Top Digital Marketers in 2011 and 2012, is an author, speaker and marketing consultant. Her new book, “Global Content Marketing”, is the first content marketing book to offer a complete process to scale content across regions. Didner is an expert in creating successful global marketing plans that meet local marketing needs.

As a former Global Integrated Marketing Manager for Intel, Didner has led Intel’s Enterprise product launches and worldwide marketing campaigns. She developed and managed Intel’s worldwide Enterprise and Small Business Strategies. She also provided strategic guidance on audience development, messaging architecture, editorial planning, content creation, media buys and social media outreach on a global scale. Didner shares her marketing thoughts on her site: www.globalcontent.marketing. She also writes for the Guardian, Relevance.com and other publications.

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