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Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 - 2:00PM - 2:40PM

Storytelling in the digital age - Accelerating your customers from awareness to decision

Our digital world is a busy world. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by information. How can we cut through the noise and communicate? How do we connect with people when they're being bombarded with content? The answer is storytelling. People love stories. Stories bring people together, build empathy, and create context, so we can understand each other and ourselves.

Roy will explore how to research, envision, design and rapidly deliver and amplify innovative and topical front of mind content through nurture programs and moments through defined customer journeys, across digital channels to optimize reach and impact.

This session will provide proven insights and practical “know-how” on how to accelerate your customers from awareness to decision, and integrate storytelling as a service to increase customer preference and desire to do business with you.

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Roy Sharples
Director of Marketing, Digital Transformation & Innovation

About your Presenter

Creative polymath with a passion for instigating market making change, a knack for dreaming up, building and delivering innovative business solutions to market profitably, an evocative storyteller, with a track record of making small things big, quickly. Diverse international experiences at developing growth businesses with large enterprises, emerging markets and start-ups.

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