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Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 - 2:50PM - 3:30PM

Deepen relationships with customers and advertisers through data-informed digital communities

ELLE is the world’s largest fashion magazine, boasting 46 international editions in more than 60 countries. With a social following of more than 12 million members across multiple social channels and an innovative branded community of 11,000+ members, ELLE is deepening its relationships with its most trusted advisors (its readers) and brand partners through their online community. 

In this session, learn how ELLE’s “Inner Circle” online community fueled brand advocacy and customer engagement, while also generating valuable insights for advertisers.

See first-hand how ELLE leveraged a blend of customer engagement, insights and analytics tools to deepen and diversify relationships with members and advertisers. Learn how the brand created an immersive experience tailored to the dynamics of its most-valued customers’ profiles, preferences, activities and needs—all shaped by graphically represented insights about program engagement, demographics and time. 

And come to understand how from one destination, ELLE drove community engagement through exclusive and user-generated content, group discussions, ad creative testing, and surveys to continuously authenticate “the ELLE Woman” and to solidify relationships with advertisers that put data first.


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Jackie Parzivand
Research Manager

Lauren Muehlethaler
Senior Director, Brand Development

About your Presenter

Jackie Parzivand is a Research Manager at FUEL CYCLE where she manages and implements numerous methods of research to reveal the underlying truth behind why consumers behave the way that they do. Prior to joining FUEL CYCLE, Jackie was the Director of Research and Development at Senseye. She studied Psychology and Social Behavior at the University of California, Irvine.

Her passion for psychology led her to the field of neuro-inspired research, where she developed a real-world understanding of consumer behaviors. Jackie believes that with each research objective, there is an opportunity to tell a story and she strives to articulate the narrative of the consumer.


Lauren Muehlethaler is the Senior Director, Brand Development at ELLE; the #1 fashion magazine in the world, which reaches 30 million + readers, users, followers, and fans in the US. In her role, Lauren leads sales-oriented brand communications that establish ELLE as a must-buy for advertisers, and a must-read for consumers – leveraging both qualitative and quantitative research strategies in her storytelling. Lauren brings 10+ years of print & digital media research leadership to her position, and has helped launch, maintain, and engage with scalable influencer communities at ELLE, Vanity Fair, and Teen Vogue.

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