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Chris Sedlak

PR + Social Media Manager

Chris Sedlak is currently a member of PwC’s PR + Social Media team. Over the course of the last two years, the team has reimagined the way the brand tells its story on social media by utilizing platforms such as Facebook Live, Medium, Instagram and Snapchat. In 2016, Chris was a member of the PwC team that won the ‘Best in B2B’ Shorty Award for its #BallotBriefcase campaign on Snapchat leading up to the 2016 Academy Awards. During his time at the firm, other notable social media campaigns he’s worked on include: i) using Medium to unveil PwC’s unprecedented agreement to onboard more than 600 elite tax professionals from GE, ii) PwC's social media strategy at THE PLAYERS Championship in 2017, iii) PwC’s #ColorBrave campaign on Snapchat, and iv) producing a series of Facebook Live broadcasts featuring PwC’s tax policy leaders with real-time insights on the latest news around tax reform.

Additionally, Chris has worked with partners across the firm to enhance their online presence through personalized social media strategies and a comprehensive online presence checklist. In November of 2015, Chris worked with the firm’s US Tax Leader to develop #TaxIsSexy and generate increased visibility for his new Twitter handle. Combined with a blog on LinkedIn discussing why a career in tax is an attractive career choice and a cross-platform messaging campaign, #TaxIsSexy went viral and he quickly became the most followed US Tax Leader on Twitter.

In December of 2016, Chris was a featured guest on Jay Baer's Social Pros Podcast and he is a sought-after speaker on the topics of social media and personal branding.

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