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Matthew Kobach

Manager, Digital and Social Media
New York Stock Exchange

After I completed my Master's in communication at Indiana University, I focused my PhD studies on the prediction of social media behavior (also teaching classes on the topic). I then worked at a social media analytics company that used social media data to both predict box office revenue, and to determine the effectiveness of movie trailers. You can thank (or blame) the ubiquitous minions based on early Despicable Me social data analysis. Seeing an opportunity to help market local businesses, I then co-founded my own social media marketing firm. We worked to increase the social presence and marketing efforts for local businesses. I later accepted a position at Intercontinental Exchange (the parent company of NYSE). This lead to NYSE becoming an early adopter of social platforms, including Snapchat and Instagram stories. Through social knowhow, ideation, and lots of trial-and-error, the NYSE stories have become a vehicle for inspiration, market transparency, and creativity. I continue to tell the NYSE story through all social platforms, tailoring the messages so that they are most effective for the specific platform.

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