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Wednesday, October 10, 2018    10:00 am–1:00 pm

Finding and Sharing Your Brand's Extraordinary Stories on Social Media

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In this fun, engaging workshop, Mike will introduce you to content marketing exercises and techniques to uncover an ongoing stream of extraordinary brand stories that will resonate with and boost your content marketing audience.   


An actionable approach to identify, develop, and share extraordinary stories on a consistent basis:

  • Two time-efficient frameworks for creating audience personas
  • Matching an audience persona with your brand’s core characteristics for compelling, outside-in brand stories
  • Translating extraordinary story ideas into formats that resonate across social media channels
  • Developing a content calendar that matches story ideas with audience interest cycles


Creating the Foundation for Extraordinary Stories: We will cover techniques for linking brand characteristics with extraordinary stories, making sure your strategy and implementation approach resonate with your audiences.

Identifying Ways to Powerfully Engage Audiences: Effective, engaging social content relies on an outside-in perspective. We’ll work with a variety of tools to target content ideas that matter to your audience and link to your brand.

Activating Platform-appropriate Stories: An effective, platform-sensitive social content strategy has to align activities and business objectives. To accomplish this, we’ll share a simple, action-oriented plan for translating extraordinary stories into high-impact, social-first content.


Mike Brown
Brainzooming Group

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