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Thursday, October 11, 2018    2:00 pm–2:45 pm

Case Study: Social Media for Unsexy Organizations

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Not all organizations are splashy consumer brands or profit from sexy campaigns. But social media helps you make what is unsexy sexy, even for complex, bureaucratic organizations, government agencies, and charities. You have to better engage with all stakeholders, find partnerships, focus on creative messages and storytelling, and strengthen digital outreach. Virality in the social media age is achievable—even with regulations, limited resources, and shrinking budgets.


  • Find the sexy in your organization
  • Mine popular culture to enrich your storytelling strategies and appeal to a wide variety of audiences
  • Identify best practices and trends that can adjust to your strategies and budget
  • Build meaningful partnerships.


Andreas Sandre
Press and Public Affairs Officer
Embassy of Italy in the United States

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