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Thursday, October 11, 2018    2:00 pm–2:45 pm

Gaining Leadership Support (Even Skeptics): An Open Story of One’s Corporate Journey

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Have you ever wondered how different people have grown in large Fortune 500 organizations? Ever struggle with knowing that social media or storytelling was vital to the company’s reputation but ran into roadblocks on how to influence for impact? Maybe you have even had a similar struggle as many in that senior leadership didn’t understand the value of marketing in a social world.

If any of this feels as though it hits home, join this session for an open and authentic talk about how Carissa has navigated similar situations. You can expect a few laughs, maybe even some tears, but most importantly: candor. We are all in this life together and connecting and sharing makes us all better!

We’ll talk about how to battle that inner voice that tells you to sit quietly when strategy planning meetings are happening with tips to help you navigate that and other similar scenarios.  You can expect open share about how to navigate a mostly remote work environment, What opening yourself up to be more authentic with your peers and leadership can bring for you, and tips for how you can gain knowledge at a time when stopping to invest in yourself seems near impossible.


Carissa LaPura
Storyteller, Senior Marketing Manager
McKesson Corporation

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