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GaggleAMP is the top-ranked employee advocacy and engagement solution by G2 Crowd. It helps you increase online engagement by making it easy for your employees and partners to share content and engage digitally from our intuitive platform.


Respondology. Helping brands and influencers cleanse toxic, predatory and spam content from their social comment streams.

adHere, Inc.

adHere, Inc. is the fastest growing Education Lead Generation firm in the US! Our team exclusively delivers prospective student enrollments to Universities and Colleges looking for more students to start in their undergrad and graduate programs. With over a decade of experience, we utilize behavior analysis and the social media tools of today to deliver enrollment rates that are 5 times the industry average at a fraction of the investment. Think different, expect different. Be Better Today Than You Were Yesterday.


PlayPlay is the simplest video maker in the world. In just a few seconds, anyone can produce a high-quality, ready-to-post video and publish it on any platform (Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, website). Stories, long-form, job offers, interviews...our customers create hundreds of playplays every day. Videos are definitely the future of online communication and we are building the simplest and strongest tool to create them.


At Runa we believe in the transformative power of positive energy. We call it clean because it's natural energy from a single ingredient: the guayusa (gwhy-you-sa) leaf. Most energy drinks are a cocktail of hard to pronounce chemicals. This is just a hard to pronounce leaf brewed strongly, the way Amazonian tribes brew it before sunrise to feel RUNA - meaning Fully Alive. RUNA's commitment to ethical and environmental standards goes above and beyond our certifications. We source exclusively from indigenous farming families that grow guayusa in sustainable, biodiverse forest gardens. Together we're pioneering a new way to do business in the Amazon while providing lasting sustained energy.

Vita Coco

Vita Coco® is the leading coconut water beverage brand, celebrated for its delicious, nutrient-rich hydration. Informed consumers, health & wellness experts, pro-athletes and celebrities have all become loyal fans of coconut water, swearing by the Vita Coco brand for its authentic flavor and hydration and replenishment properties. Originally introduced in New York City in 2004, today Vita Coco is available in 30 countries and is one of the most popular natural beverages in the world.

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