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Glenn Gaudet


Glenn Gaudet is the CEO of GaggleAMP, which provides an employee advocacy tool that helps an organization’s employees build their personal brands on social media and become brand advocates for the company.

Glenn brings over 25 years of comprehensive experience in both strategic and product marketing for technology and media companies. As CEO of GaggleAMP, Gaudet leads the innovative and strategic vision of the company serving a global customer base and is passionate about sharing business growth insights.

Glenn Gaudet’s Session:

10:00 am–10:40 am — Thursday, October 17, 2019

Keynote: Where's The Leverage? The Case for Employee Advocacy

Traditional marketing has always has the challenge of trying to prove their spend on delivered results and let's be realistic, marketing as a whole has a trust problem. But your company has the assets to overcome this in your employees.

In this session, Glenn Gaudet, CEO and Founder of the Employee Advocacy solution GaggleAMP, will delve into how employee advocacy can amplify relationships. He'll show how an effective campaign can not only increase brand awareness, but demonstrate how Employee Advocacy is a component of an overall marketing strategy, not just a stand-alone project. Leveraging Employee Advocacy not only has a lasting impact on web traffic and lead flow, but also the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

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