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Tuesday, October 15, 2019    2:00 pm–5:00 pm

Humanizing Your Brand with Internal Influencers – Employee Advocacy 2.0

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In the buzzing world of Influencer Marketing, it’s easy to overlook the obvious Influencers, your very own employees. In this workshop, we will cover the newest scope of Influencer Development, how to empower your advocates and convert them to influencers. We will work on a methodology called “Social Teaming” to get employees selected, onboard and working on together on behalf of the brand. We will cover how to connect your inside influencers with external influencers to increase engagement in a whole new way. There will be several case studies also presented, and you will have access to sample employee training materials, content maps, content calendars and other tools used to roll this out for your organization.

Join Dean DeLisle, creator of Social Jack Business Influencer Development Platform, as he shares his team’s system for managing the whole 8 step process, from start to finish, and new ways to look at this rapidly growing strategy to drive your brand to the next level, from the inside out.


  • Influencer Marketing Fundamentals
  • Getting honest with Employee Advocacy
  • Social Teaming fundamentals
  • How to recruit and build internal influencers
  • Onboard, Train and Coach your new team
  • Methods to increase engagement
  • Case Studies (1) Community Bank (2) Enterprise Account
  • Connecting internal Influencers to external Influencers
  • Ways to measure success
  • Other new ways to develop influencers for your brand
  • Tools to use along the way

Bonus: All attendees will have 30 days of access to Social Jack’s Influencer Development Training Platform.


Dean DeLisle
Founder & CEO

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