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Thursday, October 17, 2019    1:30 pm–2:10 pm

How Nationwide Leverages a Social Persona to Create a Culturally Relevant Brand

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Every brand can have a niche in the social media space by knowing exactly who you’re targeting and how to talk to them. Content that resonates, is relevant, and provides values will generate the most engagement and in turn, grow interest in your brand. Instead of cold calling via social media, you can extend your brand guardrails outside of being completely product-driven. Leveraging brand traits, partnerships, history, and stories are entry points to have authentic conversations with current and prospective consumers. Nationwide has transformed its social business proposition to become a more culturally relevant brand that can interact with people and trends through defined permissions. Here’s how we did it.


  • How to prepare for and build a brand persona
  • Leveraging a persona to foster engagement
  • Growing your audience through relevance and connections


Kristi Daraban
Associate Vice President, Social Media

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