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Day 2 Programs:
Social Media Strategy, Content Marketing, & Influencer Marketing

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Program A: Social Media Strategy Development

12:10 pm–12:55 pm

Engaging Niche Audiences: How SiteOne Landscape Supply is Winning at B2B Social

Casey Mills
Social Media Manager
Greg Kirksey
Director of Communications

Landscape contractors and golf course superintendents can be some of the most notoriously difficult audiences to find, reach and engage on social media. There are very few usable interests that apply only these audiences that can also be used for social media targeting. And once you do figure out how to reach them, the threshold for relevant content is extremely high – this is an audience with a low tolerance for frivolity and a lot of expertise in their field.

SiteOne Landscape Supply is the nation’s largest and only national landscape supply company with over 500 branches in the U.S. and Canada. They wanted and needed a social media presence to match. Working together with the account team at Swanson Russell, the two companies have taken a brand from scratch to one of the most engaging brands on social media in the green industry. And we did it by bringing to life what could be considered some pretty dry topics – agronomic product applications, safety, and business tips.

Attendees will walk away from this session with:

  • Examples of successful social strategies for B2B companies
  • Actionable tactics in audience targeting and creative execution
  • Ideas for how to bring challenging topics to life on social media to engage their audience

2:00 pm–2:45 pm

How Not to Cause Your Own Crisis: What I Learned Running the 3rd Largest Twitter Account in the World

Caleb Gardner
Managing Partner

Learn how to do effective crisis communications planning from someone who ran social media on the world stage with the highest stakes possible. As digital director for OFA, President Obama's political advocacy group, Caleb Gardner managed the output of @BarackObama for more than three years -- without causing any international incidents via tweet.

He'll teach you:

  • Common structural problems that leave companies vulnerable
  • Effective process for preventing mistakes
  • How to scenario plan for crises in a social media environment on edge

2:55 pm–3:40 pm

Panel: Social Media at International Organizations

Mario Trubiano
Global Social Media and Marketing Lead
Béatrice Frey
Head of Social Media
Charlotte Scaddan
Social Media Strategy Lead
Laetitia Pactat
Head of Social Media Campaigns and Supporter Engagement

Program B: Content Creation & Marketing Best Practices

2:00 pm–2:45 pm

6 Seconds or Bust: Mastering Short-Form Storytelling and Micro-Content

Megan Toth
Senior Social Media Lead

In today’s world, we only have between 3-6 seconds to capture someone’s attention and tell a story. What message are you trying to convey? Are you promoting the premiere date of a new TV series or cast of a movie? Are you a brand offering a new product?

It’s not enough to simply post a 60- or 30-second movie trailer or other pieces of content directly to social media. It needs to be optimized for the social platform – think format and audience. When you have six seconds to convey your message, every second counts.

Creating “snackable content”, is no longer optional in our mobile-driven world and doing it successfully is an art. Not only does this new canvas appeal to shortened attention spans, but 6-second ads have implications beyond social.

In this session, Megan Toth, Sr. Social Media Lead at NBC, discusses why it’s important to adjust your marketing strategy to cater to shrinking attention spans, overcome distractions and get noticed.

Attend this session and learn:

  • The secrets to creating “thumb-stopping” short-form social media content that stands out among the noise
  • How social is influencing TV, and networks are straying from their standard 30-second ad formats to create 6-second ads
  • How restrictions boost creativity, as creatives are tasked with rethinking how to condense a brand story in a shorter format
  • Case examples of best-in-class short-form storytelling

2:55 pm–3:40 pm

How to Use Data to Inform Creative and Copy Decisions

Kavita Makdani
Audience Evangelism Manager
Jackie Ostlie
Social Media Strategist, Cloud and Enteprise

Program C: Influencer Marketing Strategy & Best Practices

11:15 am–12:00 pm

Fireside Chat: Building Your Network of Influencers: Why All the Best Brands Invest in Influencer Marketing

Bette Ann Schlossberg
Director of Influencer Marketing
Mae Karwowski
Founder and CEO

Brands across industries are investing more in influencer marketing. What are the most strategic ways to ensure that time and money pays off for the long haul? Bette Ann Schlossberg, Director of Influencer Marketing for Lyft, and Mae Karwowski, Founder & CEO of Obviously, have years of experience in influencer marketing. During this fireside chat, they’ll talk about why influencer marketing is a must, the best practices for building great and authentic relationships with influencers, and why a network is essential for long-term success.

Bette Ann and Mae will discuss:

  • Lyft's multi-tiered strategy (Nano/Micro, Mid-Tier, and Macro influencers)
  • Lyft’s approach to developing strategic campaigns around cultural events (like SXSW and Coachella)
  • Why influencer marketing and having strong relationships with influencers is effective across brand goals, from event activations to new product launches

2:00 pm–2:45 pm

Boosting Your Brand with Employee Advocacy: A LinkedIn Elevate Case Study

Katelyn Brower
Digital Marketing Manager – Global Social Media & Employee Advocacy

In a social media world filled with business page after business page, there must be another way to boost brand awareness and maintain your brand’s reputation! We must take advantage of our employees’ voices and personal brands and with Employee Advocacy, this is all possible. This session, led by Katelyn Brower, Dun & Bradstreet's head of Global Social Media & Employee Advocacy, will inspire you to develop a successful Employee Advocacy program with examples from their use of LinkedIn Elevate.

  • How to develop an Employee Advocacy Program
  • A list of dos and don’ts
  • How to measure success
  • How to keep your members motivated

2:55 pm–3:40 pm

How to Run an Authentic Micro-Influencer Campaign that Boosts Your Bottom Line

Colleen Cleary
Public Relations Director

What happens when a brand brings on an influencer agency? Does it have to be an all or nothing scenario? Or can the two compliment each other with the same goal in mind?

In this session, Danielle Wiley, CEO of Sway Group and Colleen Cleary, PR Director at OXO will use their working relationship as a case study on how brands and agencies can and should co-exist in the space. Each presenter brings years of experience in influencer marketing to the audience - one always on the brand-side, and one always on the agency. This session is perfect for attendees that want to optimize the way they plan, activate and measure influencer programs.

Highlights include:

  • Creating a Cohesive Influencer Strategy
  • Recruiting and Briefing Influencers
    • How to find the right target influencer and audience for brands
    • Ways for brands to stay involved
  • Instituting Quality Assurance and FTC Compliance
  • Negotiating and Paying Influencers
  • Measuring the Impact of Influencer Programs
  • Post-Campaign: Getting the Most from Your Influencer Content
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