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Day 3 Programs:
Brand Engagement, New Social Platforms, Paid Media

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Program D: Audience Growth & Brand Engagement

11:00 am–11:40 am

Your Brand Voice on Social - How Jack Link's Protein Snacks Wins with Humor

Johnna Rossbach
Director of Integrated Marketing

Many brands try to break through in social using humor. However, when it's not grounded in brand strategy and consumer insights, jokes and engagement can fall flat. In this session, you’ll learn about how the Jack Link’s brand found its comedic sweet spot that has led to double-digit engagement growth and organic fan acquisition.

In this session, you’ll learn the steps to take in identifying your brand’s funny bone and how to make your audience LOL.

Takeaways include:

  • The importance of a consumer-centric approach
  • How to effectively create a consistent brand voice and tone
  • How to get scrappy, not crappy, content

11:50 am–12:30 pm

Cause is Working; Your Marketing Isn't

Mary Noel
Director of Business Development

For decades, good marketing was good marketing – whether or not the company behind the marketing had a soul. But GenZ is changing the game for brands, and this next generation of consumers is now every marketer’s top priority. GenZ wants brands to stand for something, even if it’s controversial. And 78% of them are willing to change their purchase decisions accordingly. And while brands value corporate responsibility, they’re missing the mark on reaching, engaging, and activating young people around their brand purpose.

In this session, you’ll learn how DoSomething.org (the largest org for young people and social good) infuses purpose into marketing in a way that activates millions of GenZers to support companies and causes by reaching them where they are. Mary Noel will share how the insights from activating DoSomething.org’s 5 million members for good now helps other brands build relationships with GenZ based on shared values. In this new era of brand loyalty, we’ll separate fact from fiction and ensure you have the tools to effectively engage a new generation.

Attend this session and learn:

  • Why ‘purpose’ is more than a trend (and why does it matter?)
  • How brands build authentic, purpose-driven engagement with GenZ consumers
  • The data-backed motivational triggers that inspire young people to care about a particular brand, cause, or social issue
  • What brand leaders should change about their approaches to connecting with a younger generation

1:30 pm–2:10 pm

How Nationwide Leverages a Social Persona to Create a Culturally Relevant Brand

Kristi Daraban
Associate Vice President, Social Media

Every brand can have a niche in the social media space by knowing exactly who you’re targeting and how to talk to them. Content that resonates, is relevant, and provides values will generate the most engagement and in turn, grow interest in your brand. Instead of cold calling via social media, you can extend your brand guardrails outside of being completely product-driven. Leveraging brand traits, partnerships, history, and stories are entry points to have authentic conversations with current and prospective consumers. Nationwide has transformed its social business proposition to become a more culturally relevant brand that can interact with people and trends through defined permissions. Here’s how we did it.


  • How to prepare for and build a brand persona
  • Leveraging a persona to foster engagement
  • Growing your audience through relevance and connections

Program E: Leveraging New Social Media Platforms & Features

11:00 am–11:40 am

New Social Media Products and Platform Updates Marketers Need to Know About

David Berkowitz

What are the most important social media products to launch this year? Learn the latest developments from the major social platforms while also getting a taste of which other platforms released products that marketers need to know about. Discover examples from pioneering brands, and come away with ideas that you'll be eager to try out yourself. 

11:50 am–12:30 pm

How Brands are Leveraging Stories

Trevor Davis
Vice President of Channel Strategy

The social Story format has gained significant traction in recent years and continues to dominate consumer attention. The format incepted on Snapchat and has since been heavily adopted by competing platforms to increase usage. Trevor will unpack why Stories are winning with consumers, and how your brand can win over the consumers being sought.

In this session, Trevor will discuss:

  • The evolution of Stories and where the format is headed from both a consumer and branded standpoint
  • Best-in-class brand examples and nuances between differing platforms
  • How to create a winning Story for your brand and the proper platforms to use

1:30 pm–2:10 pm

How User-Generated Content on Instagram Can Drive Engagement and Revenue for Retailers

Jinal Shah
VP, E-commerce & Omnichannel Marketing

Instagram has played a crucial role in the growth of S’well. In addition to S’well posting on Instagram itself, S’well customers often post pictures of their S’well bottle in their personal Instagram feeds. As a result, the brand has more than 261,000 Instagram followers. What really moved the needle for S’well however was when the brand integrated its Instagram presence with its e-commerce site. Now, S’well’s Instagram gallery takes users right to the product page of its website, making Instagram a revenue-driver, and user-generated photos of S’well bottles are highlighted on the brand’s site into addition to its social properties. S'well has seen an 8x in conversions and 4x increase in time on site from visitors interacting with user-generated content. 

In this session, Apu and Josh will discuss: 
• How to identify and leverage social influencers – especially micro-influencers (those with smaller followings) 
• How to fully leverage user-generated on platforms like Instagram to a brand’s website to email 
• How image-based marketing is helping consumers discover new products

Program F: Paid Media & Advertising Strategies

11:00 am–11:40 am

How to Navigate An Organic vs Paid Digital Strategy

Gaetan Akinrolabu
Director of Paid Media and Social Media Strategy

Social media channels are rapidly becoming media companies that are focusing on a “pay to play” principle. This means developing a paid social media strategy is extremely important. What does that mean for organic content?

In this session, Gaetan will explore:

  • When you should be using an organic strategy to boost your paid efforts
  • The importance of organically inserting your company and thought-leadership in the right conversations your target audience is paying attention
  • Thoughts on the question everyone is asking: “Is organic social media execution dead?”

11:50 am–12:30 pm

Best Practices in Facebook Ad Targeting - Using Audience Segmentation Strategies to Drive Better Marketing Campaigns

Corey Teich
Associate Director, Paid Media

Overwhelmed about the intricacies of Facebook targeting? Why do advertisers try to outsmart Facebook when they can let the platform do what it was made to do? When marketing campaigns are set to unrealistic targeting parameters, campaigns can tank and your metrics will suffer. This session will focus on your overall Facebook strategy, on best practices for the platform and on how to balance the need for scalable targeting with your client’s reporting expectations. Hear from Corey Teich at social and digital agency GLOW on how to maximize scalable results without getting in your own way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the ins and outs of the platform's greatest strengths.
  • See examples of when simplified targeting leads to impressive results.
  • How to educate the brand decision-makers (your client) on what Facebook can and cannot do.

1:30 pm–2:10 pm

Boost the Impact of Your Paid Social Strategy

Ashley Ryneska
Associate Director of Global Communications

As communications experts, we know that paid media is vital to yielding ROI from your social strategy. Yet, this can get tricky. Social content marketing can take a longer time to show return, while fast-acting tactics like influencer marketing can often limit sales to a per post basis. Ryneska cuts through the noise with accessible, easy-to-execute methods to help level set and optimize paid performance. This session will provide solid value for all maturity levels in the social media space.

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