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Matthew Kobach

Manager, Digital and Social Media
New York Stock Exchange

I have 10 years of social media experience that began after I completed an MA in Communications when I was one of the first to pursue a Ph.D. exploring the effects of social media. During that time I also analyzed social media data for movie studios and co-founded a social media marketing firm. I then accepted a full-time position with Intercontinental Exchange (the parent company of the NYSE). I revamped the NYSE social strategy to include daily live-streams, an optimized paid strategy, Snapchat geofilters, gifs/memes to show off some unexpected personality, and the use ephemeral stories featuring interviews with CEOs, celebrities, and world leaders. The NYSE has transformed from a social media unknown into an industry leader, resulting in millions of social followers. I am a firm believer that all content should entertain, educate, inform, or inspire your audience. If not, don’t post it.

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