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Nikki Sunstrum

Director of Social Media
University of Michigan

Nikki Sunstrum is responsible for developing innovative solutions to strategically leverage and advance interactive communications and public engagement at one of the world’s top universities, Sunstrum excels at transforming organizations into pillars of global best practices among peers and industry professionals. Her collaborative and goal-oriented methods have expanded the impact and understanding of online communications universally.

Prior to assuming her current role, Sunstrum developed and coordinated the State of Michigan’s statewide social media footprint: reinventing constituent engagement, elevating transparency, and establishing Michigan as a trailblazer and leader for government social communications.

Sunstrum possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Grand Valley State University and a Master’s of Education degree from Aquinas College. She is former elected public official, municipal program coordinator, active volunteer, mother of six.

Nikki Sunstrum’s Session(s):

4:55 pm–5:30 pm — Thursday, October 11, 2018

Keynote: What is Our Social Responsibility?

The prominence of social media has not only altered the way in which we communicate personally, it has reshaped the information we consume and distorted the emotional responses and visual identities of its users.

In an ever-connected world, everyone struggles to balance competing priorities. Brands have thrown traditional standards of customer service out the window in favor of sarcasm and savage online engagement.

Nikki Sunstrum, University of Michigan Director of Social Media, will discuss her proactive approach to innovating digital conversations and the strategic rules of engagement that have enabled her to cultivate social properties that serve to educate, elevate understanding, and increase outreach globally.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to strategically align social communications efforts with organizational priorities
  • The importance of being ‘on brand;’ continuously developing innovative content that upholds the prominence and personality of your institution
  • Why collaboration is key to success
  • What the evolution of the social landscape means and how it is an ample opportunity to educate users of all ages to be better digital citizens

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