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Chanda Gunter

Social Media Manager
Western Governors University

A firebrand from the heart of Texas, Chanda Gunter began her career in social media in 2009. Quickly becoming the “go-to” person for her local Chamber of Commerce, she began teaching social media courses and seminars to local business owners and leaders.

Currently, Chanda drives the social strategy behind Western Governors University’s innovative brand. As a strategist, content creator, video producer, and WGU student herself, she works to bring the opportunity of WGU’s competency-based degree programs to those who need them most, one follower at a time.

When not immersed in the professional social space, Chanda can be found frantically cheering on her Dallas Cowboys or preparing her English Bulldog, “Dude,” for Instagram stardom.

Chanda Gunter’s Session(s):

4:00 pm–4:45 pm — Thursday, October 11, 2018

PANEL: Building your Brand Ambassador Program

Panelists will share insights on:

  • Why brand ambassador programs are valuable to universities and determining the right fit for your program
  • How to get leadership to support and participate in your program
  • What types of content work best for brand ambassador programs, along with tips and tricks to write quality content
  • How to keep your ambassadors engaged
  • Encouraging self-submitted content
  • Making the best of a small ambassador team

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