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Mike Brown

Brainzooming Group

Mike Brown is an author and strategist who specializes in operationalizing design thinking. His latest book, Idea Magnets, helps dynamic leaders to cultivate extreme creativity and innovative success throughout organizations. Mike founded The BrainzoomingTM Group, where his customized, collaborative approach to strategy, branding, and innovation has placed him at the forefront of organizational transformation.

Brainzooming attracts cross-industry clients, including Farmers Insurance, Johnson & Johnson, HP, American Century Investments, and Sprint. Through his writing and speaking, Mike connects hundreds of thousands of people globally with the Brainzooming approach for strategic planning, branding, and content marketing.

Mike Brown’s Session(s):

10:00 am–1:00 pm — Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Social Media Training A: Finding and Sharing Your Brand's Extraordinary Stories on Social Media

In this fun, engaging workshop, Mike will introduce you to content marketing exercises and techniques to uncover an ongoing stream of extraordinary brand stories that will resonate with and boost your content marketing audience.   


An actionable approach to identify, develop, and share extraordinary stories on a consistent basis:

  • Two time-efficient frameworks for creating audience personas
  • Matching an audience persona with your brand’s core characteristics for compelling, outside-in brand stories
  • Translating extraordinary story ideas into formats that resonate across social media channels
  • Developing a content calendar that matches story ideas with audience interest cycles

8:50 am–9:00 am — Thursday, October 11, 2018

Opening Remarks by Summit Emcee

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