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John G. Graham Jr.

Employer Brand & Digital Strategy Lead
Merck Global Talent Acquisition

Who Am I?
It is said that one of the hardest questions to answer in life is "Who are you?" Personally, I’m a creative communicator, a connector of cultures and a leader by inspiration, not motivation. I believe in the power of human connection and I take pride in bridging people's aspirations to opportunities.

Professionally, my passion is finding new and innovative ways to understand audience need states and converting those insights into strategies that help some of the largest companies deliver the right message to the right person at the right time on the right platform.

What Value Do I Offer The World?
I've been invited to engage with audiences around the world on topics ranging from how millennials are changing the workplace, the power of personal branding, and employer brand activation through content marketing strategies. As a result, I’ve developed the unique abilities to communicate my expertise to students looking to land their first dream job and professionals seeking to navigate complex business challenges.

My lovely wife Sana, two beautiful children, John III and Marian, and I currently call the Philly burbs home.

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