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Christina Stolfo

Director, Audience Development
Northwell Health

Christina Stolfo is the Director of Audience Development for Northwell Health, where she is responsible for developing strategies using data, optimization, and content to grow the health system’s audience for enterprise social media and The Well, Northwell’s digital storytelling platform.   Christina first began her storytelling career as a producer for local television news in the New York and Philadelphia markets before transitioning into healthcare public relations and digital marketing.

Christina Stolfo’s Session(s):

11:00 am – 11:40 am — Friday, October 12, 2018

Meeting your Audience Where They Are - A Case Study in Data-Driven Paid Media Strategy

Is thinking small through hyper-local paid social media campaigns the new way to think big?

We’ll take you inside the Northwell Health social media program and how we developed a comprehensive A/B testing strategy with a minimal budget to inform content strategy for The Well, the health system’s digital storytelling platform.

For as little as a $200 investment, we A/B tested audiences, copy, and creative to determine our content strategy and audience segments that would ultimately provide them with relevant content at the right stage of their healthcare journey. By developing audience segments aligned with mapping to key healthcare moments, we were able to reach our target audience — women in the NY DMA — and serve them with appropriate health and wellness content. With minimal budgets that were eventually scaled, our strategy produced the best cost-per-click rates in Northwell history, 0.19 cents vs. healthcare industry average of $1.32 and 6.7 percent click-through-rates vs. industry average of 0.83.

With each A/B test, we’ve developed key learnings and an understanding of who our audience is, what they like, how they prefer to be spoken to, what visuals resonate better and what information they’re willing to share with their friends.  

In addition, attendees will learn:

  • Testing the waters – How to launch small-budget A/B testing campaigns to learn about your audience and eventually scale to handle larger campaign budgets
  • Listen, tailor and repeat – Analyze the results of those campaigns and listen to the conversations to better tailor your content and then scale to a bigger budget
  • Segment further! Remember, small is the new big. If there is an opportunity to target a very small, but highly engaged audience, go for it!

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