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Paul Cowan

VP of Enterprise and SMB Marketing

Paul Cowan is VP of Enterprise and SMB Marketing at Shutterstock where he runs global demand generation and customer marketing activities, helping brands scale their custom content creation efforts. Over his 15 years in marketing, he's spent time in large matrix organizations and small start-ups. He co-founded Toronto based on-demand food company Feast and helped launch several b2b SaaS companies like Syncapse and Dive Networks. On the corporate side, Paul's focus has been on integrated marketing activities having run marketing-communications at Rogers Wireless and Spin Master Toys. He’s won some awards that sit on a shelf somewhere and he has written things for various publications that his mother is extremely proud of.

Paul Cowan’s Session(s):

2:55 pm–3:40 pm — Thursday, October 11, 2018

Scaling Branded Visual Content

As Mary Meeker outlined in her 2017 internet trends report, adults are spending an average of 3+ hours per day looking at digital media on mobile devices. It’s no surprise that this behavior is driving mobile ad spend and an increasing demand for engaging content with shorter time frames to get it done. In this session, Paul Cowan, VP of Enterprise & SMB Marketing at Shutterstock, addresses the problem of how brands have more options today to create content, yet are not set up to create content at scale. Actionable takeaways include how to scale content across multiple channels, learning which channels to prioritize for maximum engagement and types of content that resonate with customers.

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