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Jeff Julian

CEO & Co-Founder / Squared Digital

Jeff Julian is the Co-founder of and Squared Digital, a marketing services agency based in Kansas. Jeff has been helping companies, such as Microsoft, develop content strategies for over twelve years after he launched one of the largest blogging communities, He has been a web developer since 1994, a best-selling author of a book on content management system development, and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in XML and SharePoint. Jeff has recently released a book titled, Agile Marketing: Building Endurance for your Content Marketing Teams.

Jeff Julian’s Session(s):

2:00 pm–5:00 pm — Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Social Media Training D: Building Endurance: An Introduction to Agile Marketing for Social Media Marketers

Our audiences love content, and we love producing it for them.  But the demand for new forms of content at an increased quality and frequency has our teams working harder than ever.  We need to find a suitable pace to give us the ability to regularly publish great content over the long haul. It is time to embrace more efficient marketing practices to help us reach our goals and our audiences.

Jeff Julian, Co-founder of, will present an approach to content creation he has used for over a decade commonly known as Agile Marketing.  Using the Agile principles, you will get hands-on experiences with planning and developing your content in a team-based and energetic environment. Flexibility is required, but running shoes are optional.


  •       Understanding the definition of Agile Marketing and team makeup
  •       Best practices and tips to get become more agile in your daily work
  •       Plan for adopting agile practices for small and large teams

Who is this for: Marketing team leaders or influencers who want to see more consistency, structure, and performance come out of their work.

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