Lillian “Yvette" Irvin is a social media expert, digital marketing leader, speaker, and style influencer. She specializes in building customer relationships across channels with a focus on social media. Yvette has championed digital marketing strategy for PayPal, Yahoo! and most recently as Director of Global Digital and Social Innovation at Banana Republic (Gap, Inc). Her current client list includes ModCloth, a San Francisco based fashion retailer.

Yvette is passionate about all things social and has a special love for fashion, branding, and technology. “The intersection of those is my bliss,” says Yvette. Yvette believes that each individual is responsible for building and nurturing their personal brand and she leverages social media to inspire them to do so more fully.

Yvette is CEO and founder of SavvyClick Marketing, a Silicon Valley native and a graduate of UCLA. Between speaking engagements, building her business and shopping for photo shoots (someone has to do it), you can follow Yvette across social channels as @savvyclickchick.