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Wednesday, February 7, 2018    10:15 am–10:55 am

Bringing Social Value to Social Media: The convergence of marketing, social entrepreneurship, and innovation

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The Internet has led to the pre-eminence of content as an essential ingredient for acquiring, earning and retaining customers. Thus, “Publish or perish” and other similarly dire statements are commonplace, as businesses grapple with content marketing as a business strategy. That businesses must develop or acquire the methodologies of publishers and media network companies in order to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time, and win in the attention economy.

But what if methodologies from other disciplines — such as NGOs, Non-profits, and Government — will help us deliver the most relevance to our audiences? Not simply to inform or entertain, but to enable, empower, or save lives?

In this talk, we will explore these questions with real-world examples of how people are using content to further the prospects of humanity while driving business results. We will see what it means to live the promise of holistic stakeholder value. As an added bonus, our case studies will contemplate the current potential of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Intelligent Content to make the world a better place.

Key Takeaways

  • Thinking like media companies is necessary but only gets content marketers so far. There is an opportunity to think like a start-up, a not-for-profit, NGO and government infrastructure provider.
  • Low-hanging fruit content relevance opportunities are being increasingly commodified. Social value approaches will help you identify more opportunities to be differentiated and relevant to your communities.
  • Socially valuable content creates opportunities to break down silos between corporate charity programs and P&L activities. You may be able to merge them into the business wholesale.
  • Expand the stakeholder pool from just shareholders and customers to identify new value opportunities and solutions that you can drive.
  • Social value and other value frameworks such as  the UN Sustainability Development Goals can help you identify needs and initiatives for which you might have the greatest affinity.
  • For the developing world, integration with low-barrier media channels such as SMS can rapidly scale to reach more people across the digital divide, helping societies to become more social where penetration of social media interfaces is lacking.
  • Your content can improve and even save lives, so get busy.


Carlos Abler
Leader of Content Marketing Strategy

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