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Wednesday, February 7, 2018    2:45 pm-3:25 pm

Case Study: It Takes a Community to Build a Brand

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Everyone across the brand landscape seems to be looking for secrets to building the next unicorn, but brands often overlook one of their most important differentiators and truest champions - their community of users. More than just potential sales numbers, building a brand that centers around an authentic, community-driven mission is the secret to standing out in today’s overcrowded media market.

Chris Lane, Fiverr’s Global Heads of Digital and Brand Marketing, will provide attendees the building blocks and higher level strategy behind creating a global brand that is built entirely around a community-driven approach. He will share the keys to creating an authentic community-driven strategy and share firsthand insights into how Fiverr has achieved a blend of life, work, and the pursuit of innovation in creative work. The audience will walk away with a firm understanding of how brands can authentically connect with the right people at the right time to build communities around their mission and products.


Chris Lane
Global Head of Digital and Brand Marketing

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