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Thursday, February 8, 2018    11:50 am–12:30 pm

Industry Roundtable Discussions

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Learning doesn't only come from the speakers. We've created roundtables that will allow you to meet your peers working in your same role to connect, share challenges, tips and tricks. Each roundtable will be led by a speaker to help facilitate topics and discussion. No need to sign up in advance!

Roundtable A: Tips for creating ephemeral content for Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook 

Roundtable B: How to deal with negative comments on social channels

Roundtable C: Aligning social media with other digital initiatives for seamless customer experiences

Roundtable D: Staying creative - Methods & tips for creating quality, consistent content 

Roundtable E: Social media & content tools to help streamline marketing & improve efficiency

Roundtable F: Lead generation best practices through social media

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